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  聽故事學英文-Five little pumpkins 在一個月色寧靜的夜晚,巫婆騎著掃帚飛過天空,5顆小南瓜出門可要小心,不要被巫婆抓到嚕~ 經典童謠 Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate,伊諾起思唱給你聽。 演出: Nelly老師 歌詞 Five little pumpkins sitting on the gate. The first one said, "Oh, my it's getting late." The second one said, "There are witches in the air." The third one said, "But I don't care." The fourth one said, "Let's run and run and run." The fifth one said, "I’m ready for some fun." Ooooo! Went the wind, and out went the light. And the five little pumpkins rolled out of sight! 歌詞出處 Dr. Jean 返回《聽故事學英文》影片列表 發佈日期 2017-10-18     外師萬聖節party 與 英文故事 萬聖節 Halloween,跟著Tr. Mark 來做點心 Monster mouth吧! 蘋果切片,沾上花生醬把棉花糖做成的牙齒黏起來,就變成了怪獸的嘴巴。拿起來,嚇爸爸嚇媽媽,再一口吃掉笑哈哈,原來在伊諾起思,萬聖節可以這麼歡樂,就像一場化妝舞會一樣好玩,又可以在歡樂中打開英文耳,今年錯過的太可惜了,明年一定要來伊起玩喔~ 來自New Zealand的Tr. Mark創意多點子妙,透過精彩故事繪本活動,帶給小朋友豐富有趣的故事饗宴: 【假日】 〈外師故事時間〉2Y-7Y,幼幼場、兒童場報名 https://goo.gl/aLsRjJ 【平日】 〈外師故事-幼幼場〉2Y-4Y,周一/三 16:00-16:40 報名 https://goo.gl/btKG7o 〈外師故事-兒童場〉3.5Y-7Y,周一 16:50-17:50、18:50-19:50 報名 https://goo.gl/Q9F7Um 〈外師 ABC 開口說〉4Y-7Y,周三 16:50-17:50 報名 https://goo.gl/MjGKKE . 來 伊 起 聽 Mark 說 故 事 返回《聽故事學英文》影片列表 發佈日期 2017-11-14     聽故事學英文-Thank you Thanksgiving 返回《聽故事學英文》影片列表 發佈日期 2017-10-27     看影片,學英文 | 英文繪本影片集 英文繪本是爸媽與老師的心頭愛,但怎麼買孩子才會喜歡?怎麼挑才容易設計教學?這裡彙整了英文繪本的影片,不管是爸媽要講故事給孩子聽,或是老師要教學備課,都很適合用來先了解繪本的內容。 英文繪本快搜 英文繪本 A.B.C.D.E A Squash and a Squeeze | ABC I LIKE ME! | Alice the fairy | Alphabet adventure | ALPHABET CITY | Baby Loves Spring!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book | Baby penguins love their mama | BEAR ABOUT TOWN | Bear hunt | BEAR ON A BIKE | BEAR'S BIRTHDAY | Big Blue Book Of Beginner | Big green Book Of Beginner | Blankie | Bump! Little Owl | Butterfly Butterfly | CAPS FOR SALE | Charlie Cooks favorite book | Chocolate mousse for greedy goose | CLICK CLACK MOO COWS TYPE | Cock a moo moo | Crocopotamus | DADDY BOOK | Daddy Kisses | DEAR ZOO SPIN AND SAY | Dinosaur Dig | Dinosaurs dinosaurs | DOCTOR DE SOTO | DOES KANGAROO HAVE MOTHER | DOT | Dr. Duck | Dragon stew | DUCK & GOOSE HOW ARE U FEELING | | 英文繪本 F.G.H.I.J.K | Eight jolly reindeer | Elmer's Day | Extra Yarn | FA LA LA | Feelinga flashcards | Five little men in a flying saucer | FOGGY FOGGY FOREST | FREIGHT TRAIN | Friends | Froggy Builds a Tree House | FROGGY GETS DRESSED | FROGGY HALLOWEEN | Froggy Plays in the Band | Froggy's Day With Dad | Froggy's Sleepover | FROM HEAD TO TOE | Giraffe on a bicycle | GLAD MONSTER SAD MONSTER | Go, Dog, Go | GOODNIGHT ALREADY | GOODNIGHT MOON | Goodnight pirate | Goodnight tractor | GORILLA | Green Eggs and Ham Cookbook | Guess how much i love you | Guess How Much I Love You in the Summer | Hand, Hand, Fingers, Thumb | Happy halloween witch's cat | Have You Seen My Dragon? | HAVE YOU SEEN MY DUCKLING | Have You Seen my Monster? | Heckedy Peg | how do dinosaurs count to ten | How Do Dinosaurs Get Well Soon? | how do dinosaurs play with their friends | HOW DO YOU FEEL | How to Grow a Dinosaur | HOW TO MAKE APPLE PIE &SEE WOR | Hugless Douglas | I am Yoga | I Didn't Do It! : Little Princess Story Book | I don't want to wash my hand Tony Ross | I Like Books | I Love Bugs! | I love my new toy | I Love Spot Baby Books: Night Night Spot | I LOVE YOU BOOK | I love you just the way you are | I LOVE YOU THROUGH AND THROUGH | I Want a Party! : Little Princess Story Book | I Want My Dinner! : Little Princess Story Book | I Want My Tooth! : Little Princess Story Book | PUFFIN PETER | Red rockets and rainbow jelly | If you're a robot and you know it | Is It Bedtime Wibbly Pig? | JOURNEY HOME FROM GRANDPAS | KING BIDGOODS IN BATHTUB | KISS LIKE THIS | Knock knock whos there | Knuffle Bunny too | 英文繪本 L.M.N.O.P | Let's Go, Froggy! | Lets get dressed | Lets say Hi to friends who fly | LION & LITTLE RED BIRD | little owl 1 2 3 (Divya Srinivasan) | Little roars five butterflies | LOST AND FOUND | Lucky wish mouse sweet dreams | LULU LOVES SHAPES/LIFT-FLAP BRD | LULU'S LUNCH | LUNCH | Madeline | Madeline's Christmas | Magic Shoelaces | Maisy's Christmas tree | Make way for ducklings | Merry Christmas, Big Hungry Bear! (Child's Play Library) | MILLIONS OF CATS | MISS RUMPHIUS | MISTER SEAHORSE | MIXED-UP CHAMELEON | Monkey Puzzle | More more more said the baby | Mummy laid an egg | MY DAD | my first busy book | my first chinese new year | my first keyboard book | My Little World: Hoot | No no Yes yes | Noahs ark | Noisy Circus | Noisy farm peekaboo | Officer buckle and Gloria | OH NO GEORGE | On Market Street | One big pair underwear | One Gorilla?A Counting Book | One Potato, Two Potato | ONE TO TEN AND BACK AGAIN | ORANGE PEAR APPLE BEAR | OUTDOOR OPPOSITES | Over the meadow | Pants | Paris | Peekaboo little roar | Peepo baby | Peppa pig family computer | Peppa plays football | Peppas Christmas | Pete the cat saves Christmas | Pip and posy the big balloon | Pip and posy the snowy day | Pip and posy the super scooter | Pirate adventure | POLAR BEARS UNDERWEAR | Pouch! | PUFFIN PETER | | 英文繪本 R-Z | Red rockets and rainbow jelly | Room on the broom | Rumble in the Jungle | Sam and David dig a hole | SAY HELLO LIKE THIS | SHARK IN PARK | SHH WE HAVE A PLAN | SKY COLOUR | SNOW | Snow rabbit Spring rabbit | Snowflake bentley | SNOWY DAY | Someday | SPACE SONG ROCKET RIDE/BK+VCD | Spot Bakes A Cake | Spot Goes on Holiday | Spot Goes to the Park | Spot's Birthday Party | Spot's First Shapes | STRAWBERRIES ARE RED | Superworm (Julia Donaldson) | TEN THINGS I CAN DO TO HELP WORLD | Thank you for looking after our pets | Thanks for Thanksgiving | Thats not my teddy | The very brave bear | The animal boogie | The ants go marching | The day I swapped my dad for two goldfish | The Day the Crayons Quit | The Hello Goodbye window | The house in the night | The Mixed-up Chameleon | The paper bag princess | The polar express | The Seals on the Bus | The smartest giant in town | The sniffles for bear | The very cranky bear | The very hungry bear | The very itchy bear | The very quiet cricket | The worst princess | Theres a panda in my picnic | THINGS I LIKE | This Is Australia | THIS IS NOT MY HAT | TO MARKET TO MARKET | Too many toys | Toot | TUNNEL | Twenty four robbers | WAY BACK HOME | WE ALL GO TRAVELING BY | We are in a book | Wemberly Worried | WERE GOING ON LEAF HUNT | What Can a Crane Pick Up? | WHAT CRIED GRANNY! | What this story needs is a pig in a wig | WHAT'S UP DUCK | Where's Spot? (Spot - Original Lift The Flap) | Whole world | Whose mouse are you | Why I Love My Mummy | Willbee the bumblebee | WILLY THE DREAMER | Wind up ladybird | WOLF WON'T BITE | Wow said the owl (Tim hopgood) | Yes day | Zen Ghosts | ZIP IT: FANCY BK FASTENINGS | 英文繪本連結與簡介 英文繪本 A.B.C.D.E A Squash and a Squeeze 老婦人總是嫌住的房子太小,便找聰明賢者來幫忙。 先是雞,再來是羊,把牠們一個個帶進屋子裡來! 這是什麼奇怪的建議,這樣房子不是就更小了嗎? ABC I LIKE ME! (by Nancy Carlson) Nancy Carlson's cheerful pig is back in this vibrant ABC companion book to the best-selling I Like Me!--and she's brought along a few friends to join her. The letters of the alphabet are illustrated with brightly-colored, action-packed pictures and are accompanied by read-along text. Introduce children to the alphabet and reinforce positive self-esteem with the lovable characters of ABC I Like Me!. (資料來源: Amazon) Alice the fairy ( by David Shannon) Alice has a nose for trouble, but luckily she's a fairy--a Temporary Fairy. She has a magic wand, fairy wings, and a blanket, all of which she uses to disappear, to fly, to transform her dad into a horse, and to turn his cookies into her own! There are still a few things Alice needs to learn to become a Permanent Fairy, like how to float her dog on the ceiling and make her clothes put themselves away, but she's working on it--sort of. Here's an endearing, funny story about a girl and her magical imagination, sure to delight every fairy in training! (資料來源:Amazon) Alphabet adventure ( by Audrey Wood) All the little letters from Charley's Alphabet have learned their proper order, from a to z. They're ready to go to school, but suddenly something is wrong! Little i has lost her dot, and none of the letters can find it. Can you? (資料來源:Amazon) ALPHABET CITY ( by Stephen T.Johnson) The urban landscape will never look the same again. As Stephen T. Johnson demonstrates in a series of strikingly realistic pastels and watercolors, a simple sawhorse can contain the letter "A"--while lampposts alongside a highway can form a row of elegant, soaring Ys. A 1996 Caldecott Honor book, this sophisticated, wordless alphabet book is sure to appeal to young and old alike. (資料來源: Amazon) Baby Loves Spring!: A Karen Katz Lift-the-Flap Book Little ones will love lifting the large, sturdy flaps in this book to reveal baby robins, beautiful butterflies, and everything else that Baby loves about spring! The sturdy format and easy-to-lift flaps are perfect for parents and children to share. This new gem from Karen Katz is sure to be a springtime favorite for young readers! (資料來源:Amazon) Baby penguins love their mama When you're a mama penguin with lots (and lots) of little ones to take care of, the days can melt together in a blur. Monday: swimming lessons. Tuesday: sliding. Wednesday: waddling. And on and on. Mama loves her babies so much. Do they know, she wonders, just how much? (資料來源:Amazon) BEAR ABOUT TOWN Watch a film, keep fit and have fun with Debbie Harter's big, kind-hearted bear on his daily walks round town! With large type, an easy-to-remember rhyming text and bold artwork, this bright and busy picture book offers an excellent way of introducing the days of the week and basic local geography. A town map at the end of the story shows where bear has been and features clearly labelled street and place names. (資料來源:Amazon) Bear hunt(by Anthony Brown) Bear在森林裡遇到可怕的獵人 各種陷阱、危機正在前方 看Bear怎麼發揮想像力、 使用神奇鉛筆來化險為夷吧! BEAR ON A BIKE ( by Stella Blackstone) Bright, colorful and educational, these chunky board books introduce preschoolers to concepts that will stay with them for life. And with sturdy pages and a high-gloss finish, the books will last almost as long -- even in the most inquisitive hands! (資料來源:GoodReads) BEAR'S BIRTHDAY ( by Stella Blackstone) Join Bear as he celebrates his birthday with a party for all his friends. Learn about birthday activities as the bears hunt for presents, play party games and blow out the candles on a Bear-size birthday cake. (資料來源:Amazon) Blankie (by Leslie Patricelli) 寶寶到哪都要帶著心愛的小毛毯 去學校時、去超市時、去看醫生時.. 若沒有帶到小毛毯,我會大哭… 我愛小毛毯,小毛毯也愛我 Bump! Little Owl ( by JO Lodge) Follow Little Owl as he takes his first wobbly steps, spreads his wings and learns to fly . . . but it might be harder than it looks - bump! Sweet and funny, BUMP! is stuffed full of brilliant interactive pull tabs and pops. Guaranteed to delight small children everywhere! (資料來源:Amazon) Butterfly Butterfly ( by Petr Horacek) Lucy sees a beautiful butterfly in the garden, along with a bright green beetle, a brilliant blue dragonfly, some red ladybugs, and many more flying and crawling things. But when will the radiant butterfly appear again? Petr Horácek uses his trademark saturated hues and simple shapes to create an enticing view of the world of colors — and a peekaboo look at the slow-paced life abuzz in the backyard garden. (資料來源:Amazon) Charlie Cooks favorite book Charlie Cook 在扶手椅上讀子自己最喜歡的書。 那是一本跟驚奇、鬼怪、自然,外太空有關的書! 只要一本書,還有一張舒服的椅子, Charlie Cook就可以盡情享受在充滿想像力的世界。 Chocolate mousse for greedy goose "Chocolate mousse!" says greedy Goose. "Don't just grab it," says angry Rabbit. Good manners are not on the menu at this meal. Duck won't eat his carrots. Moth's eating the cloth, and Sheep would rather sleep than wash the dishes. Thank goodness some of the animals know how to behave. Children's favorite foods and animals are combined in delicious rhyming phrases, making this story of the funniest dinner party ever perfect to read aloud. (資料來源:Amazon) 發佈日期 2017-12-26  
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