Bear, Do You Wear Underwear? (Ages: 0-3) (Board) (Blue Apple)
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Bear, Do You Wear Underwear? (Ages: 0-3) (Board) (Blue Apple)

Bear asks each of his gang of friends if they wear underwear. Each shows off his or her particular pair--purple boxers for Turtle, a striped pair for Cougar, pink for Hedgie, etc.--except for Fishy, who declares that of course he doesn't wear underwear (what with being a fish and all). But Bear, of course, does and declares his favorite to be his signature tighty-whities. In addition to being good old silly fun, share this book with kids who are just transitioning from diapers and pull-ups to big kid underpants, for a little nutty encouragement. (資料來源:Amazon)
ISBN: 9781609052591


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